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Brrrrrrrr, Vermont

This week I’m teaching a sculptural bookmaking class for the North Country Studio Workshops at Bennington College in Vermont. Despite the cold temperatures dipping below zero in the evenings, the studios are warm and welcoming. I have eleven industrious students who are working on their carousel books at the moment.


Bennington is a beautiful campus with a mix of traditional New England architecture and some strikingly modern buildings. We are enjoying sumptuous meals of freshly prepared vegetables, main courses, and too-tempting desserts. And the dormatories where we’re housed are light-filled and very comfortable.


Aside from my book class, there are classes running in drawing, metals, sculpture, ceramics, fabric arts, surface design, quilting, basketry and photography. Yoga flow classes led by Tracy Penfield are held morning and afternoon before and after classes. All this makes for a great creative environment with a lot of positive exchange between the participants. The volunteers for North Country Studios who work so hard over a two-year period to make this biennial event possible are to be heartily commended.

Student, North Country Studio workshop class, 2014Student, North Country Studio workshop class, 2014 Student, North Country Studio workshop class, 2014 Student, North Country Studio workshop class, 2014Carol in the Snow

My Corcoran Class Becomes a Pop-Up

Pop-Up Group photo of Carol Barton's Paper Engineering Class at the Corcoran College of Art and Design, Washington, DC

Presenting a group pop-up photo of the new Sculptural Books class I’m now teaching at the Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington, DC.  In this graduate-level class we’re exploring various sculptural book forms and creating a series of finished pop-up pages and paper engineered structures. The class already has completed a basic pop-up and two accordion books, one with architectural pop-up additions. I’ll be doing more posts on projects as the class progresses. If you’re interested in making your own pop-up photograph, click on this link to my web site. If you’d like to learn to make more pop-ups, you can order copies of The Pocket Paper Engineer, Volumes One and Two.

Philadelphia Class Makes Pop-Ups

The University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PASculptural Books Class, University of the Arts, 2011

Students in the Sculptural Books class at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia spent this Monday’s class with Carol making simple cut-and-fold pop-up models. Next week Carol will demonstrate the making of a series of glued pop-up structures that students can incorporate as sculptural elements into their ongoing artist’s book projects.