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Santa Fe Book Arts Group, New Mexico

Carousel Book Class, Santa Fe Book Arts GroupThis weekend involved lots of folding, folding, folding, as members of the Santa Fe Book Arts Group produced sets of accordion strips to be used in the creation of carousel books. The carousel is a multilayered accordion book that challenges artists to design three dimensionally. In the first day of the workshop, I taught participants how to construct a basic carousel book, and the second day was an open studio in which everyone jumped in and started creating the artwork for their pieces. With 15 students in the class, a wide variety of themes emerged–some literary, some personal. Here’s a view of some of the results.

Carousel book, Santa Fe Book Arts Group workshop by Carol BartonSanta Fe workshop, carousel book 1
Carousel book, Santa Fe Book Arts Group workshop by Carol Barton


Bookmaking (the real kind) in Charles Town, WV

 Carousel Book Workshop 1Carousel Book Workshop 2
This past Sunday there was more going on in Charles Town, West Virginia, than the races. Six eager students got together in Liz Goins’ art studio for a lively session on how to make carousel books. It was an intensive workshop, but most of the participants had some bookmaking experience and jumped right into production.

Liz Goins, Carousel Book Workshop     Carousel Book Workshop by Carol Barton

The books weren’t the only highlight of the class. An incredible pot luck lunch was assembled by the students — fresh tomatoes, quiche, gazpacho, lemon bars…. 

Lunch!I’m eager to see the finished books next month when students bring them to my free lecture on the history of pop-ups at the Franklin County Arts Alliance in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.  


Carousel Books, Photo Finish

Students finished their carousel books today in an intense session of cutting and gluing. I’m so pleased with the range of subject matter and personal creative approaches exhibited in the books. These photos speak for themselves.

Finally, Liana made a commemorative tunnel book of the entire class to take back with her to Brazil.


Carousel Books in Progress

Today, students in my paper engineering class at Oregon College of Art and Craft worked on their carousel books. I think their smiles reflect the results. Photos of the books will be posted tomorrow.




Sunny Florida Atlantic U. Class in Carousel Books

A bright Memorial Day weekend in Boca Raton, Florida, found nine dedicated students hard at work in my FAU class on how to construct a carousel book. Students prepared all the materials, folded three accordions, designed imagery and creative content across the layered pages, then learned how to assemble the parts into finished pieces and attach the covers. Most of the students chose to delay final assembly until they had worked more on the content at home, but a few managed to complete their books in class.

 Kety Callau 2


The class was held in conjunction with an exhibition of pop-up books from the Arthur J. Williams collection, coordinated through the Jaffe Center for Book Arts, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida.

Focus on Oregon: Book Arts and Camping

Student with carousel book, Focus on Book Arts Conference, Forest Grove, OregonDragon tunnel book, Focus on Book Arts Conference, Forest Grove, OregonFocus on Book Arts 2011

This summer’s book arts activities continued with the Focus on Book Arts Conference, held every other year at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon, outside of Portland. I taught two one-day workshops, one on tunnel books and another on  carousel books. I had a great group of students, and re-connected with a lot of book arts friends and colleagues.

Carol Barton with Henry, Linda and John Sneed

From there I met my husband Henry and we set off with our friends John and Linda Sneed to camp in southeastern Oregon. Heading eastward along the Columbia River, we then turned south to the Owyhee Reservior where we enjoyed three days of beautiful weather along the lake. From there we drove to the White Horse Ranch, just above the Nevada border. This desert area boasted views of star-filled skies which we enjoyed from the Willow Creek hot springs, and a beautiful walk following the creek. Finally we drove to Delintment Lake for July 4th, where we spent a restful holiday.  We had one last day in Portland with John and Linda before heading home.  Thanks, friends, for an exciting vacation.

White Horse Ranch area, southeastern OregonOn the Road in Oregon