Decorated Feet Decorated feet

I was childsitting over the weekend, and I usually spend an hour or two with the  kids, making art. One of them decided to self-decorate her feet with my markers. Her “tatoos” were beautiful, reminding me of the henna tatoos that women draw on their hands and feet in areas of India, Pakistan, and North Africa, so we had a lively discussion about these beauty traditions and the various cultures that practice them. (See the Wikipedia article on henna dying)  
Unfortunately she had grabbed a marker that leaves a fairly permanent mark, and afterwards we spent a half-hour in the bathroom, scrubbing away the damage. “I’m busted, ” she said. Still, it led to her making a wonderful little book on the subject, including two pop-ups: one of her feet and the other of her hands. Her older brother threatened to “bust her” by telling mom, but when mom came home, she was delighted with the book and thought my pictures of the foot drawings were wonderful.

Feet pop-upHands pop-up


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