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Paper Engineering, Philadelphia Center for the Book

Carol Barton's pop-up classStudent in Carol Barton's pop-up class, Philadelphia Ctr for the Book
A colorful array of pop-ups filled large tables at The University of the Arts on Sunday as eight paper engineering enthusiasts created models of various structures in my class for the Philadelphia Center for the Book. Despite it being only a one-day workshop session, we managed to cover all of the most important pop-up forms, including props, floating platforms and V-folds. Participants left with stacks of cards and ideas.

Students in Carol Barton's pop-up class, Philadelphia Ctr for the BookStudent in Carol Barton's pop-up class, Philadelphia Ctr for the Book

In addition to teaching, I visited with my friends Patty Smith and Jude Robison, went to the Italian market and Blick Art Supply, and ended the weekend with a visual feast by seeing the new Barnes Collection Museum. Despite my early misgivings, I think they did a very nice job installing the artworks and maintaining the original feel of the collection.

Barnes Collection, PhiladelphiaBarnes Collection, Philadelphia

Making Educational Links

National Museum of Women in the Arts

A meeting with me, Glen Bull of the Curry School of Education, University of Virginia, Deborah Gaston and Addie Gayoso of the National Museum of Women in the Arts’ Educational Department found some interesting connections between the teacher education programs both institutions are running. Hopefully these synergies will result in real beneficial exchanges in the future. We also discovered some surprising personal connections between Glen, his wife Gina, intern Sonia Bendjemil and Deborah, all with ties through the state of Texas.

Bookmaking (the real kind) in Charles Town, WV

 Carousel Book Workshop 1Carousel Book Workshop 2
This past Sunday there was more going on in Charles Town, West Virginia, than the races. Six eager students got together in Liz Goins’ art studio for a lively session on how to make carousel books. It was an intensive workshop, but most of the participants had some bookmaking experience and jumped right into production.

Liz Goins, Carousel Book Workshop     Carousel Book Workshop by Carol Barton

The books weren’t the only highlight of the class. An incredible pot luck lunch was assembled by the students — fresh tomatoes, quiche, gazpacho, lemon bars…. 

Lunch!I’m eager to see the finished books next month when students bring them to my free lecture on the history of pop-ups at the Franklin County Arts Alliance in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.