Book, Paper, Scissors Fair, Philadelphia

Free Library of PhiladelphiaBook Fair OverviewCarol Barton at Philadelphia Book Fair

Book, Paper, Scissors, the annual artists’ book and print fair sponsored by the Philadelphia Center for the Book, was held at the Parkway Branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia this past weekend. I was one of twenty artists who showed and sold their work. It was so much fun to see many of my friends and former students during the day’s event. I especially enjoyed sitting next to Tara O’Brien, and I bought one of her delightful little travel books featuring loose pages bound by into a tyvek cover with colored hair elastics. (See her Etsy page). Fellow paper engineer and Philadelphia resident Collette Fu also dropped by.

Beyond the book fair events, my friend Patty Smith and her daughters Sarah and Erin enjoyed several outings over the weekend. Patty and Claire Fouquet’s piece Crowds and Barriers was showcased at The University of the Art’s Merriam Theater, featuring performances by dancers and the bucket ensemble Rumble. We also went to the Italian Market for a Sunday breakfast and shopping. Patty, Erin, and I are pictured here with their purchase of a beautiful little Christmas tree.

Philadelphia's Italian marketCarol, Patty and Erin with Christmas Tree


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