Carol’s Interview with Diane Gilleland

Carol Barton in her studioDiane Gilleland at Crafty Pod

Diane Gilleland of Portland, Oregon, also known as Sister Diane, recently conducted a Google Hangout interview with me for her Crafty Pod site. Diane has conducted hundreds of interviews with artists and craftspersons since beginning her podcasts in 2005. The half-hour segments explore how and where various craftspersons work, how they make their artworks, and where their creative ideas come from. To hear my interview, click here.

To see more of Sister Diane’s interviews, visit her Craftypod web site.


One response to “Carol’s Interview with Diane Gilleland

  1. In this interview you make reference to the value placed on hands-on work when learning to design in three-dimensions. Our school places a great deal of importance on technology (meaning electronic) and I’m wondering if you have a source I might reference for this statement to use in justifying my pop-up work with my students.

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