Australian Teaching Highlights

My long 26-hour plane flight from Washington, D.C., to Sydney was rewarded by a wonderful home visit with Jill Elias and an animated 3-day class working with the Primrose Paper Arts Group. This collective of paper artists meets in an expansive studio in Primrose Park. I taught a three-day session: the first day on paper engineering, the second day on carousel books, and the third day an open workshop where I gave individual help to students completing their projects. The group’s love of all things related to paper was clearly evident in their work.

After the class, I stayed with another Primrose member, Dinah Beeston, who lives in North Sydney. She graciously served as my tour guide for the next five days, during which time we visited such Sydney attractions as the Opera House, the Library of New South Wales, the Botanic Gardens, and the Zoo where Dinah works as a volunteer. Seeing those incredible Australian critters was a highlight!

From Sydney I flew north along the Australian eastern coastline to Rockhampton, Queensland, where I taught a five-day workshop at the Wrapt in Rockie Textile Forum. Held at the Rockhampton Girls Grammar School, the Forum included classes in felting, leatherwork, encaustic, waterless lithography, art fashion design, a traveler’s blanket, Photoshop, and my paper engineering class. My students perfected their designs of basic pop-up forms along with a carousel book


A big surprise came during the final party, when the women from Townsville dressed up (or down, rather) in wraps painted with their nude alter egos. What an uplifting, fun, and generous spirit these women have.

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