Monthly Archives: February 2010

Pop-Up Family Geneologies at Smithsonian Museum of American History

Saturday at the Smithsonian Institution’s Museum of American History month was a lively celebration of Black History month. As part of the festivities, I worked with a wonderful staff of volunteers to teach visiting kids and their parents how to make pop-up illustrations of their families and of historic community events.

Throughout the day we had a stream of participants. Most took their finished pieces home, but some left a pop-up or two in our gallery display on the wall.

The event was orginally scheduled for February 6th, but was cancelled in the frenzy of the blizzard that brought most events in Washington to a halt that weekend. I’m so happy that Philippa Rapp0port and the Smithsonian staff decided to reschedule! Thanks also to Anthony Thomas and James Zimmerman for their part in arranging this successful event.

Snowbound Studio

Over two feet of snow has blanketed the studio, and we’re getting lots of work done in the quiet of the white backdrop. Apprentice Eleni has been off school for the entire week. She’s working on charcoal drawings and valentines. (The valentines are pop-ups, of course). Neighbor and friend Susan Welchman has visited a couple times to work on her valentines. (She’s the photographer here). And I’ve been continuing to work on illustrations for The Pocket Paper Engineer, Volume 3. Luckily my home and studio are within walking distance of each other, but the walk to the studio over unploughed roads is more of an adventure than usual.