Popping Up Down Under

Melbourne pop-up studentMelbourne Polytechnic campus

Being “down under” doesn’t mean paper doesn’t pop! Seventeen members of the Victoria Bookbinder’s Group proved it in a weekend paper engineering class held at Melbourne’s Polytechnic campus. The class covered simple fold-and-cut pop-ups along with platforms, props, and V-folds. Pop-up collector Corrie Allegro also made an appearance and stayed for my slide lecture on pop-up book history. Thanks, Anne Newton, for making the arrangements for this class.

Melbourne pop-up studentMelbourne pop-up student


2 responses to “Popping Up Down Under

  1. Hi Carole
    I loved the course and will definitely be doing more. It was lots of fun and the group of participants were great also. I also plan on joining the Book Binders Guild of Victoria, so we will hopefully meet again when you return in 2010.
    Regards, Jacinta

  2. The Melbourne class was absolutely fabulous. The atmosphere was friendly and fun; the content of the class was perfectly balanced. I was an absolutely beginner but I could follow the class without much problem. I did not only have a great time but was also able to put the skill learnt that weekend to the test. A few minor damages in my pop-up books have been fixed thanks to what I learnt from the class. Do come back to the land down-under Carol!

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