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Teaching in Tasmania, Australia

Fibers Tasmania class

A week-long class in Lanceston, Tasmania, yielded a slew of wonderful pop-up, carousel, and tunnel books. My eleven students worked day and night to produce the work shown here. I’m so happy with the results of the class that I’ve added images of the finished books to my ongoing slide lecture series. Thanks everyone who participated!

Ailsa Fergusson, TAFTA, page 4Joss Farmar-Bowers, TAFTA, page 3Rachel Howell, TAFTA, page 3

Sally Darlison, TAFTA, full view

Introduction to Tasmania

Helen and Mick StathamTasmanian Devil 4Kangaroo with joey 1

Arriving in the city of Launceston in Tasmania, I was greeted by Helen Statham at the airport and escorted to their home for my first Tasmanian cup of tea. Helen and her husband Mick are agricultural scientists working on studies of Tasmanian Devils, Wallabies, and other native marsupials to find how they affect agricultural production in the state. While staying with them I learned more about these incredible animals and went to see several in the their study area and at the local wildlife reserve. We also did a hike into the Lanceston gorge and over the weekend took a longer trip out to see some of the surrounding countryside. Helen and Mick have a wealth of knowledge on the local flora and fauna, which I greatly appreciated along with their hospitality.