Unfolding at Arrowmont

Veronica Siehl at ArrowmontBarbara Cairl at ArrowmontJohn Hess at Arrowmont

Over the course of an exciting week at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg , Tennessee, students in my sculptural book class created numerous pop-up cards along with a carousel book and a tunnel book.

Arrowmont ClassroomKilns at Arrowmont

Arrowmont is a creative oasis nestled within the Smoky Mountains. Along with my class, sessions were held in woodturning, jewelry, drawing, basket weaving, printmaking, ceramics, fabric design, and glass. The entire faculty and student body gathers at meals and in the evenings to share experiences and gain inspiration from each other. It’s a great environment in which to expand the boundaries of one’s creative experience.

Bear painting by Thaddeus Erdahl, artist-in-residence

Bear painting by Thaddeus Erdahl, artist-in-residence

Several students also sighted some local residents in the form of a mamma bear and her two cubs.

One response to “Unfolding at Arrowmont

  1. Can I get a class schedule? I live and work in Pennsylvania and I want to learn how to do pop-up books. I am an artist and have never worked in this media before but am fascinated and want to explore this area of creativity.

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