Between Road Trips

Carol Spackling #1

Between this summer’s teaching trips I’m doing some long-overdue rennovation work on our house. Neighbor and sculptor Raya Bodnarchuk arrived just in time to capture  me putting the finishing touches on a major spackle job in the living room. (I think there was as much spackle dust on me as on the walls and floor.) It’s not bookmaking, but it does give the satisfaction of a job well done.

Spackling Carol Close-UpCarol's spackled feet


2 responses to “Between Road Trips

  1. Major spackling job. OK. Your almost a MUDPERSON.
    We’re of to wish Calavaras Co. to see my mom on her 90th BD.
    Love you guys.
    Books almost forever….

  2. Do you ever slow down Carol?
    Just a little hint (as I don’t think you used this)… if you put cling wrap on your glasses, it makes for easy cleaning after all the splattering!
    Have fun.
    Regards, Jacinta (Melb, 2009)

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