On the Road in Pittsburgh

Carol Barton's Pop-up class at Society for Contemporary Craft, PittsburghPop-up student Eric Poon







My pop-up workshop at the Society for Creative Craft in Pittsburgh was a wonderful mix of students from many different backgrounds. The prize for the student traveling the farthest to take the class goes to Eric Poon of ThinkSmart Training Ltd. in Hong Kong, who flew to Pittsburgh just for the occasion. In addition to a lively workshop session of pop-up construction, there was a gallery opening Friday night for the exhibition “Beyond Shared Language, Contemporary Art and the Latin American Experience,” a Latino Fest at the center on Saturday, and the Pittsburgh marathon on Sunday.

I was also able to visit “House Poem,” the permanent installation by artist Huang Xiang at the Mattress Factory. A large-scale “book” of Xiang’s poetry, I’d been wanting to see and photograph the house for some time, so here are the photos.

House Poem by Huang XiangHouse Poem Gate by Poet Huang Xiang    






Thanks to Laura and Janet at SCC for bringing me to Pittsburgh for my first visit there.


One response to “On the Road in Pittsburgh

  1. Hi I know it has been awhile since the workshop. I just wanted to say that we enjoyed it in spite of the marathon! I look forward to meeting again sometime.

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