Carol with Scott Simon on NPR’s “Weekend Edition”

Carol Barton and Scott Simon on NPR's "Weekend Edition"


Yesterday afternoon I visited NPR’s studios in downtown Washington, D.C., to tape a segment with Scott Simon for next week’s “Weekend Edition.” Scott actually made a copy of the commorative Inauguration Pop-Up as we did the interview. The program will air on the Saturday before the inauguration, January 17, and the pop-up will appear in the Washington Post on the day of the inauguration, January 20th.

3 responses to “Carol with Scott Simon on NPR’s “Weekend Edition”

  1. Hey you superstar. I hope to see you soon. P.

  2. Nice design!

    I reduced the size to 75% when I printed it as it is so very large 🙂 Makes it a little fiddly to cut out, though.

    I also decided to print another bit of “sky” paper and then cut little strips from it to glue on top of the horizontal tabs–to cover up the writing that was visible in the final card.

  3. Will you make a new version with an historically accurate inauguration photo? I love the first on but am interested in another.

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