Movable Book Conference, Washington, D.C.


Collector Daveen Herley

Collector Daveen Herley

Larry Rakow's magic lantern presentation
Larry Rakow’s magic lantern presentation
NMWA book exhibit

NMWA book exhibit



This year’s Movable Book Conference was held in home territory, so it was easy for me to attend. A group over fifty book artists, paper engineers, movable book collectors and enthusiasts met for two days of lectures, viewings, book sales, and a visit to the National Museum of Women in the Arts where an exhibit of artists’ books was on display. Among the notables in attendance were Matthew Rhinehart who won this year’s Meggendorfer prize for paper engineering, Robert Sabuda, Andy Baron, Emily Martin and Ed Hutchins. One of the highlights for me was Larry Rakow’s magic lantern presentation that included several illuminated glass slides with moving images. Daveen Herley was kind enough to bring a selection of 19th-century movable books from her historic collection for everyone to see. And many thanks goes to Ann Montanaro, the founder of the Movable Book Society, for making the conference possible.


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